Sonntag, 21. Februar 2010

N17 3D update

Dear Readers,
I am still waiting on a reply from the Lansdown Centre concerning the money which I applied for. I believe some of the people on the board should have attended this years BVE at Earls Court, than they would have realized that stereoscopic moving image creation has finally arrived and is here to stay. It becomes even clearer when talking to representatives from Staffordshire and Bournemouth uni.

It is quite obvious to me why institutes are reluctant to invest money into an art form they do not yet know anything about but if they never invest in it they will never find out about it and miss the chance to set new standards.

My first big production is on its way and i do not believe that I will get the funding in time for the I will have to use Panasonic home movie camcorders......that will allow for credible research outcome i am sure!!!!!!!

I am confident though that everything will be O.K.!

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