Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2010

N17 3D continued

I just got told that I am expecting too much money...........I am not talking about any one aspect of 3D research here. 3D will be part of your Film Studies curriculum in 5 years time. Take my word for it! The arrival of 3D television and the ever-growing popularity of stereoscopic feature films will demand, not only skilled camera men, DOPs, light surgeons, directors and producers but writers who understand this art form, not mentioning the film theorists and critical thinkers......the new age of moving image production has arrived but i am not seeing it!........Funding could materialize if i give them something that they can publish......please publish everything i write!

I started production on my first big project the other week.....filming commenced on Monday, two camera rigs were used and both camera rigs failed.It is a matter of having access to cameras which allow for quality filming but are also small enough to achieve the correct interocular distance which is needed when filming so close to the action..........A continuous but worth while struggle.

You are able to view two versions of the first practice session of the Vessels choreo 3D project 'Exploration of stereo 3D space'
Again, same old problem..........compressed video sometimes work but in order to show the video here the quality of the images are not good enough anymore to carry the 3D properly.

Please excuse that. I will be uploading shorter pieces in the future, which allows for less quality loss.

Hope you enjoy the videos!

Choreo practice in red/blue anaglyph from Philipp Linz on Vimeo.

Sonntag, 21. Februar 2010

N17 3D update

Dear Readers,
I am still waiting on a reply from the Lansdown Centre concerning the money which I applied for. I believe some of the people on the board should have attended this years BVE at Earls Court, than they would have realized that stereoscopic moving image creation has finally arrived and is here to stay. It becomes even clearer when talking to representatives from Staffordshire and Bournemouth uni.

It is quite obvious to me why institutes are reluctant to invest money into an art form they do not yet know anything about but if they never invest in it they will never find out about it and miss the chance to set new standards.

My first big production is on its way and i do not believe that I will get the funding in time for the I will have to use Panasonic home movie camcorders......that will allow for credible research outcome i am sure!!!!!!!

I am confident though that everything will be O.K.!

Dienstag, 9. Februar 2010

The journey must continue....

It has been a very long time since i have posted my last entry. The reasoning behind this is, that I have been very busy trying to raise money for some special 3D gear and to formalize possible PhD research questions.

On the day Arsenal lost 1:3 to ManU, I was on the hunt to find a pub which was broadcasting it in 3D.......the Kick Bar and the George were supposed to, but never did. So I witnessed the loss in normal 2D which was properly good because otherwise I would have been even more depressed. Last weekend, the England v. Wales six nations game was shown across the country in many different cinemas. I obviously got to the cinema in WoodGreen and they were over booked, so I watched that sporting highlight in 2D also. I have however booked my ticket for the 27. February when England will play Ireland. C'mon 3D!

This morning I received a phone call from one of the BroadcastVideoExpos' organizers, he told me that they would like to upgrade me to the V.I.P. status. What can I say, apart from being chuffed! I will get the chance to meet even more interesting people go to even more seminars and drink free coffee

So as you can see, very turbulent past few days for me..............I really did not think that it would be so hard to run ones own research project though, very demanding!

Take care and read you later!


I will be working on a little dance 3D piece soon, so keep your eyes on this blog to see the finished product

Buenos Noches