Samstag, 27. März 2010

The cutting, splicing, cropping and slipping can finally begin!

After a very long time spend exporting different video files I have now finally reached the point in the post production stage of the Vessels choreo where i can finally attempt to be creative and look at the possibilities and restrictions of editing for stereo 3D. My main concern of course is the fast paced movement within the video and whether the speed of the two dancers compromises the impact of the working 3D and if so, how that can be fixed. What will that tell us about this new art form?? Moving Image production has to adapt in order to facilitate 3D. What will the future of music and dance video look like?

Sonntag, 21. März 2010

24 hour render queue

The 3D post production workflow mainly consists of composition rendering. Once all my footage had been separated into 3D clips and the left and right track is exported (9 hours per 'eye'= 18 long hours) i transferred the clips into After effects. It took me ten minutes to see all clips in 3D, i did however have to export all the footage in 3D as one clip, so that i am able to determine exactly which clips work and which need more adjusting. I have two hours out of 24 left until the export is finished, once that is done I go back into Final Cut and rearrange what needs rearranging and then start all over again............

Dienstag, 16. März 2010

Hurdles, hurdles and even more hurdles........

While editing this five minute dance piece, I am continuously encountering more obstacles which have to be overcome. It is a great learning experience but it is very frustrating too. In order for me to achieve proper 3D which will not cause the viewer a headache, I need to edit by looking at the 3Dness of an image first before i can use it. Like this it is quite hard to achieve a good looking video, but Ce la vie. We will learn from these mistakes.

The reason for this is as with all my 3D moving image productions, as small as they may have been, I am using the 3D rig as i would a single camera, which in most instances is wrong. The positioning of the camera is not only of aesthetic importance but also of technical significance, by this i mean the 3D factor or the level of working stereoscopic imagery. Every camera parallax demands of the subjects filmed to be in a certain area, if the subject is not staying in this specified area, one is forced to not use it, take on the challenge in post, or if the time and money is there, to re- shoot.

To be continued.........tomorrow

Freitag, 12. März 2010

Vessels- capture, alignments, colour corrections and a short holiday in Falmouth!

After two days of Sony HVR troubles, the capture of Tuesdays footage is done! I am now prepping each clip, 150 right and 150 left, once this is done i know what impact my work may have......followed by colour correction to enhance the filter colours. The proper edit will commence on Monday. I am now taking two days out in order to recover from a 7 months in the capitol. My body is still acclimatized to the Kernow atmosphere, which is why I am heading back there to regenerate energy lost and fully charge the batteries for the upcoming five months of intense stereoscopic filming.

Freitag, 5. März 2010

First exclusive VESSELS choreo snippet!

Dear Followers,
Please watch this video, an unedited sequence of the 'exploring movement within the 3D space' and tell me what you think. All my THANKS go out to the brilliant Kayleigh and Amy as well as Colin Grey and the two Foundation students Jordan and Simon without whom i would not be doing this project!

Our last filming session will take place this coming Tuesday and the edit will be completed by the end of this month. WATCH this space.
This video (red/blue version will come soon) is shot using Sony HVR- A1E HDV cameras, whereas the previous works were captured using Panasonic home DV handycams.

CHECK out TallShips, the band that let us use their track VESSELS.

I just got off the phone to Drummer Bush, Hugh Stevens has invited them on his show in April. Keep your ears peeled and your eyes open for new concert and festival dates!