Dienstag, 16. März 2010

Hurdles, hurdles and even more hurdles........

While editing this five minute dance piece, I am continuously encountering more obstacles which have to be overcome. It is a great learning experience but it is very frustrating too. In order for me to achieve proper 3D which will not cause the viewer a headache, I need to edit by looking at the 3Dness of an image first before i can use it. Like this it is quite hard to achieve a good looking video, but Ce la vie. We will learn from these mistakes.

The reason for this is as with all my 3D moving image productions, as small as they may have been, I am using the 3D rig as i would a single camera, which in most instances is wrong. The positioning of the camera is not only of aesthetic importance but also of technical significance, by this i mean the 3D factor or the level of working stereoscopic imagery. Every camera parallax demands of the subjects filmed to be in a certain area, if the subject is not staying in this specified area, one is forced to not use it, take on the challenge in post, or if the time and money is there, to re- shoot.

To be continued.........tomorrow

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