Dienstag, 5. Januar 2010

The 3D Quest part 1

I am finally posting an update on my progress. I am currently working on a five part series exploring the three dimensional space. Throughout these 8 minute long videos, we will be looking at the composition of the three-dimensional picture and analyze it step by step.

I am very interested in what 3D is and how it can lend itself to establish a whole new way of moving image creation.

This first part should allow the viewer to get used to the 3D space behind the 'window'. I have kept the action on the screen, the props and camera movement to a minimum because it was my idea to let the audience enter the 3D world without being distracted, hence this part does not include any sound.

The3Dquest- part 1 from Philipp Linz on Vimeo.

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