Donnerstag, 5. November 2009

The quest has begun!

First and foremost i want to thank my recently passed away friend Ryan Martel, thanks to whom I am where I am now. He is a major influence in my work and I am dedicating my 3D Quest to him, his girlfriend Katie and Mum Sally.

Rest In Peace Mr.3D

I am pleased to announce that from now on the advancements of my research are visible to people who are interested in what i do and how I am going about realizing my dream of creating three- dimensional moving imagery.

I am keen to make people aware of the fact that 3D will have the potential of enriching television and film consumption.

It is my aim to establish how working with 3D differs from working with the conventional '2D' and how one goes about adapting to this new way of creating moving imagery.

Another reason for me having established the Blog is to get in touch with other people who have specialized in 3D filming and may want to collaborate on projects and or just want to follow the progress.

It is my aim to establish 3D as a seriously appreciated new way of Moving Image production/ consumption. Lets make it lose its 'gimmick' reputation and create something that will be loved by everyone!

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